Kristy is  yet another wonderful representative of the breed here at Goldpaw. Living up to her registered name, Kristy is sure "Full OF Herself"!! Since the day we brought her home at 7 weeks, she's been very outgoing and smart as a whip, I think she has forgotten the puppy stage!! Beside being the life of the party, Kristy is a real cuddly girl.. she just loves to curl up on your lap, she has a well balanced personality.  Structurally Kristy has a beautiful elegant neck coming into well laidback shoulders  with a beautiful soft headpiece. she has an exceptional topline with beautiful tail set. She has great rear angulation with clean coming and going movement. Kristy finished her Champion title quickly picking up many puppy group wins. She's now is taking time off to be a mom. Watch for some of her kids in the conformation ring soon!

Below are a few pictures of our beautiful girl




Taken summer 2008 @ 2 1/2 years


Can. Ch. Sundown Goldpaw Fullof Herself
Am/Can Ch. Goodtime Argo Adrenalin Rush SDHF,OS, CGC, TDI
BIS BISS Am CH Legacy's Standing Ovation SDHF Am and Can OS
BIS BISS Am. CH. Goodtime's Best Case Scenario CD JH WC VCX OS SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Windance Legacy's Pipe Dream OD
Ch Goodtime's Maine Squeeze OD
BISS Am-Can CH Goodtime's A Step Ahead OS
CH Goodtime-Laurell Elizabeth Tale'r OD
BISS Ch Crackerjacks Nitecap A Sundwn
Crackerjack's Stocks N Blonds (ptd)
Am.-Can. CH. Laurell's Man For All Angels OS
Crackerjack's Busy Signal (ptd)
Crackerjack's One For The Road
BIS BISS Am.CH. Lovejoy's Catchme If U CanCan SDHF Am and Can OS
Am Ch. Jaydee Hi N Dri At Crackerjack





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